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Systems Two Studios

Brooklyn hot spot for recording ! Want to feel at home while recording your music? Nancy, Mike & Joe Marciano are going to take care of that. These talented people have been writting history in the NYC recording business for decades. I worked with awesome artists there like Nicolas Ospina (feat. Andres Rotmistrovsky and Marcelo Wolosky) and Carlos Pavan (feat. Publiquartet). UPDATE // Systems two has closed its door. We wish the best to Joe and Nancy ! Good news are that you can still record with Mike Marciano, a reference for us many ! contact Mike : https://systemstwo.com/

Searsound Studios

A NYC classic, The Steinway C at the Neve room is my favourite piano in town for most applications. Roberta is one of the coolest managers ever, keeping alive Walter Sear legacy. You can listen to Emilio Teubal's "Musica para un dragon dormido", recorded at studio A, and Defne Sahin's "Unravel", recorded at studio C.

NYC milestone , this is the last classic big room available in the city. Besides the extravagant number of rooms, gear and accomodations, I would say that the most important asset is the competence of the staff. I made good friends from there and I have the luck of working with former avatar assistant engineers. You can listen to "Stoddard Place" by Allegretti-Friedlander-Malaby, Luis Lascano's "Some Trips" or Felix Peikli's "Royal Flush" to have a taste of this great sounding space. UPDATE // Avatar Studios has been sold to BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC

Thom Beemer

After working at Avatar studios for 5 years, Thom Beemer is one the most qualified engineers that I've ever worked with. I have the luck of having him working with me on many sessions, being an invaluable addition to any project. Thom also produces and mixes at his own home studio.

Thom Beemer 06 Mike Bono - Anthony Toth -Lee Hogans - Felix Pe 13 John Hadfield 05 Marcelo Woloski - Nicolas Ospina - Andres Rot - 12 Tony Malaby - Erik Friedlander - Damian Allegre SearSound Systems Two

Tyler W. Hartman

I met Tyler at Avatar long time ago. He was my first choice when picking assistant engineers at Avatar sessions until he left the studio to start his own freelance career. In addition, he's one of the most kind guys I ever met -and- he's a badass photographer.


Jaime Castillo

Jaime is a great live sound engineer with decades of experience. He's the Chief Engnneer at Teatro Thalia in Queens and he's also a freelancer with a client list including Instituto Cervantes and mega-popular ecuatorian band Sahiro.

Jaime Castillo



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