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Proud endorsers of SONORIS Mastering processors and DDP creator, we will shape the final balance of your project to make it as compatible as possible on a wide range of consumer and professional reproducers.


We have all the vintage and modern state-of-the-art tools needed to achieve a great mastering, including the finest mastering plugins, Weiss EQ1-LP Linear Phase Mastering Equalizer, Manley Vari MU Tube Compressor/Limiter, Apogee Converters, Crane Song Hedd 192 and a 1/2" Ampex ATR102.


We deliver audio in all standard formats, and , SONORIS DDP Creator will guarantee a reliable DDP transfer to your favorite replication factory.


You'll receive a DDP Player for free (Mac & PC) to check your master. Also, we provide Mastered For Itunes (MFiT) audio files.

The Mastering

Luis Bacque

Officially Listed as Apple Digital Master provider.