Located in my personal studio, this is my favorite
place in the world for mixing.

I have all the analog and digital processors I need,
and I've been so many hours flying this spaceship
that I know exactly how it will sound in the real world.

Scroll Down to get a full list of the equipment plus
a view of the tracking rooms.



The studio has a Main Room where the piano is, and two
isolated booths.

Inspired by Manhattan classic studios, the rooms sound warm
and full.

Every room has outdoor windows and combined
with the woodwork creates a cozy, suitable environment
to create and record music.



Yamaha C7 Conservatory Concert Grand Piano

Hammond C3 W/ Leslie 122

Yamaha CP70

Rhodes 88 Suitcase

Minimoog Model D

Roland JX8P

Yamaha DX7

Sequential Circuits Max

Guitars & Basses

Fender Stratocaster Jeff Beck

Fender Telecaster

Taylor 110

Yamaha Nylon

Fender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee

Fender Precision Bass

Yamaha BTB 5 strings

Baby Upright


Canopus RFM 18 12 14

Canopus Yaiba 22 10 12 16

Gretsch 60's round badge 22 12 16

DW Collectors 22 12 16

DW Performance 20 10 14

Guitars Amps

Vox AC30 TB (UK made)

Fender The Twin (100W)

Fender Bandmaster 1x15 and 2x12

Roland JC120

Orange OR15H + 1x12 Cab

Poltone Minibrute 2

Fender Rumble 1x15



Mic Preamps



Mic Preamps

API onboard (x16)

Neve 1073 (x2)

Avalon 737 (x2)

Vintage Focusrite modules (x4)

AEA (x2)

Heritage Elite 1073 (x2)


Teletronix LA-2a

Manley Vari-Mu

Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)

DBX 165a

Avalon 737 (x2)

Federal Compressor AM864


Tube Tech PE1C

Avalon 737 (x2)

Neve 1073 (x2)

Heritage Audio 1073 (x2)


Lexicon 480L

Lexicon PCM70

Lexicon PCM60

Eventide H3000

TC Electronic 2290

Line 6 Echo Pro

Yamaha PCM70




Yamaha NS-10M

Genelec 1037


Plug Ins

API 1608

Protools HDX 48I/O

Otari MTR-90 MKII  2" 24 Track

Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 Track



Mastering EQ

Mastering Compressor

Multiband Compressor

George Massemburg




Bx Console 4000E

Bx Console 4000G

Bx Console 9000J

Weiss DS1-MK3


Weiss MM-1

Weiss Compressor-Limiter

Fab Fiter Pro L2

Antares Autotune

Izotope RX

Universal Audio

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

EMT 140

EMT 250

Lexicon 480

Ocean Way Studios


Neve 1081

Neve 33609

Neve 88r Channel Strip

Teletronix LA2A Leveler Collection

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

Pultec Passive EQ collection

SSL 4000E Channel Strip Collection

SSL G Bus Compressor

Studer A 800

Precision K-Stereo


Ocean Way Studios

Solid State Logic

Native Bus Compressor

Native Channel Strip

Sounradix Auto-Align

RCA 44bx (x2)

RCA 77dx

Coles 4038 (x2)

Royer 121 (x2)

Beyerdynamic M160

Upton 251 (Tube)

Neumann U47 fet (x2)

Neumann U87 (x2)

Neumann Tlm 102

AKG 414 EB

AKG 414 EB Anniversay Reissue (x2)

AKG 112

AKG 451 EB (x2)


Sennheiser MD421 (x4)

Shure SM57 (x4)

Shure Beta58

Earthworks QTC1 (x2)

Schoeps SMC6 MK4 (x2)


API onboard (x16)

Avalon U5

Radial J48 (x2)

Radial Stereo PROD2


Hearback 8 Channel System

Fostex T40rp (x8)


IR-1 Convolution Reverb

Vocal Rider

Bass Rider

J37 Tape

Abbey Road TG-Mastering Chain

Abbey Road Saturator

Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Abbey Road Chambers

L3 Collection

Abbey Road Vinyl

Brauer Motion

DBX 160

EMI TG12345 Channel Strip

Linear Phase Multiband Compressor

Linear Phase Multiband Eq

Infected Mushroom Pusher

Synchro Arts Vocalign

Celemony Melodyne


The Names

Cubeatz - Nardo Wick - Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Leo Genovese - Ricardo Montaner - Guillermo Klein - Diego Urcola & Paquito D' Rivera - Leopoldo Federico & Gerardo Scaglione - La Lulu - Daniel Binelli & Nick Danielson Felix Peikli - Ralph Peterson Jr. - Russell Hall - Joe Doubleday - Matt Pavolka - Jeff Williams - Gene Perla - Manu Sija - Ignacio Montoya Carlotto - Raul Jaurena - Charlie Rosen Big Band - Oscar Feldman - Antonio Sanchez - John Benitez - Carmela Ramirez - Juana Luna - Maria Eva Albistur - Palito Ortega - La Bomba de Tiempo - Jim Piela - Planetary People - Luis Lascano - Luis Nacht - Rob Defaze - Bordello The Musical - Emiliano Messiez - Lee Hogans - Marcus Miller - Matias Mendez - Oscar Giunta Trio - Ben Monder - Danielle Illario - Lil' Moe - Felicia Temple - Pablo Aslan - Roger Davidson - Josh Sinton - Michael Sarian - Josh Bailey - Juan Raffo - Akiko Pavolka Fernando huergo - Damian Allegretti - Erik Friedlander - Tony Malaby - Camarada - Eden Bareket - Or Bareket - Santiago Leibson - Richard Nant - Gabriel Chakarji - Rema Hasumi - Todd Neufeld - Stratos Achlatis - Juan Cruz de Urquiza - Juan Pablo Arredondo - Patricio Carposi - Ernesto Jodos - Pablo Murgier - Pablo Moser - Juan Bayon - Sebhas - Defne Sahin - Henry Cole - Fabian Almazan - Linda Oh - Nate Wood - Kenya Ashbi - Adriano Santos - Mark Soskin - Trevor Brown - Paul Sokolow - Sandro Albert - Luis Bonilla - Eric Doob - Hamish Smith - Sol Liebeskind - Javier Malosetti - Nestor Marconi - Julio Panne - Luis Perdomo - Alan Plachta - Argentos - Escalandrum - Daniel Pipi Piazzolla - Alan Zimmerman - Carto Brandan - Javier Lozano - Jota Morelli - Panagiotis Andreou - Amadeus - Angela Watson - Andres Rotmistrovsky - Mariano Gil - Fernando Samalea - Christian Natta - Hernan Mandelman - Gustavo Bergalli - Sergio Wagner - Pablo Valotta - Fernando Otero - Giovanni Figueroa - Victor Patron - Vancil Cooper - Ben Rosemblum - Maxim Lubarski - Kyle Miles - Marcelo del Paggio - Sales de Baño -  Tres Bien Ensamble - Jibaro - Ramon Navarro - Lilian Saba - Martin Lozano - Dennis Beats - Michael Attias - Alan Ferber - Mark Ferber and many many more...



For projects that need to accommodate large ensembles , 
my main place to go is POWER STATION NEW ENGLAND.

Located in Connecticut, 2 hours from New York City, this is my second home.

The rooms, instruments and gear are unheard of.

On top of that, the staff keeps the same professionalism and workflow that
you can't find anymore in most NYC studios, making PSNE my favorite
place to work when tracking big sessions.

Please contact bacquerecording@gmail.com for special deals at PSNE.



If you need video of your session I got you covered. 4k cameras, directing, lighting, video editing, color grading. I've been doing videos for years in studios and I will be happy to shoot yours. Ask for a quote and let's discuss your next AV project.

Kayla Ringelheim - What we made.  (Live at Power Station New England)

Piano & Vocals: Kayla Ringelheim
Vocals: Vuyo Sotashe
Guitar: Corey Sanchez
Bass: Kyle Miles
Drums: Vancil Cooper

Written by Kayla Ringelheim
Produced by Vancil Cooper
Engineer & Video Director: Luis Bacque
Assistant Engineer: Mike Verselli
Mixing: Vancil Cooper
Mastering: Feri Bong


Instagram @bacque_recording